19 Best Skin Care Tools of 2023, According to Vogue Beauty Editors

19 Best Skin Care Tools of 2023, According to Vogue Beauty Editors

Combining Swedish design with sonic cleansing technology, Foreo’s pulsating disc is covered in bacteria-repelling silicone nubs that help lift impurities from pores without aggressive scrubbing. Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush offers a deep yet gentle cleanse, and its fine bristles make the skin appear smoother and softer to the touch when paired with your favorite foaming cleanser. Both of these are suitable for daily use.


If you’re someone who dreads the time it takes to remove makeup each night, a Foreo might be just what you need. It simplifies the process and effectively removes sweat, oil, and dirt from your pores, leading to smoother, clarified skin texture and glowy “what’s your secret?” skin.


Looking for a deeper clean but not in the mood to splurge? This $25 brush with soft, tapered bristles provides a gentle facial massage and enhances the benefits of your favorite cleanser, especially if it’s a foaming one.

Best Tools for Brightening and Anti-Aging

Struggling with fine lines and dull skin? Long hailed for their powerful results, LED lights treat a range of skin-care issues in 10 minutes or less a day. “LED light therapy is a safe skin treatment using low-level light available in different colors and wavelengths,” dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm tells Vogue, continuing that different wavelengths of light can be effective in treating a range of skin conditions “including acne, inflammation, swelling, signs of aging, stimulating collagen, and even minor wounds.” Blue light decreases acne flare-ups, red stimulates the skin’s collagen production and helps reduce hyperpigmentation, while yellow decreases inflammation and can even soothe sore muscles. 

Dr. Dennis Gross’s hands-free mask is quite simple to use (and perfect for simultaneous Netflix marathons), offering three treatment modes to rejuvenate skin in just three minutes. Or, give the Lyma Laser a try—an FDA-cleared, clinic-grade tool known to be more powerful than traditional LED light therapy. Lyma transforms skin by transmitting a low-level laser deep beneath the skin’s surface to encourage cellular repair and regeneration. The result? Improved appearance of wrinkles, sun damage, redness, and pigmentation.    

Dr. Dennis Gross

DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

This hands-free facial mask uses LED red light and blue light to eliminate bacteria and help smooth wrinkles in just a few short TikToks! No, really, you only need to use it for three minutes a day to notice a difference over time. Despite its futuristic-looking shell, it’s oddly comfortable to wear.


If you’re looking to bring out the big guns, the Lyma is quite the investment, but for good reason. It’s a painless clinical-strength laser (500mW power at the 808nm wavelength) that stimulates healing and collagen production, resulting in a reduction of fine lines and dark spots, improved texture and tone, and reduced rosacea.

Best Tools for Sculpting

Mimic the hands of Hollywood’s most in-demand facialists with these sculpting and facial toning devices that contour cheekbones, lift jawlines, and massage heavy eyebrows. Jillian Dempsey’s vibrating bar delivers 6000 rotations per minute to boost blood flow, relax tense muscles, de-puff, and sculpt your visage. For a more manual approach, consider Joanna Czech’s beloved two-pronged face roller which is designed to direct oxygen to your skin for a lifted, brighter complexion. Pro tip: glide the massager across your jaw, cheeks, lips, brows, forehead, neck, and chest for optimal results.

Jillian Dempsey

If you’re looking to supercharge your morning gua sha routine, this 24-karat gold vibrating bar mimics the effects of a massage (if your massage had 6000 rotations per minute) to help reduce puffiness, tone the face, and increase blood flow.

Joanna Czech

This cooling zinc and aluminum alloy facial massager feels great on your skin each morning and is incredibly easy to maneuver. After all, it is created by celebrity aesthetician Joanna Czech, so you know your face is in good hands.

Best Tool to Deliver Skin Care Ingredients

Droplette’s Microinfusion Device is a beauty tool integral to Brooke Shields’ beauty routine. The egg-shaped wonder seeks to better penetrate ingredients where they need to go at the molecular level—essentially, making them more effective than when applied topically. The process works through an aerosol mist which deposits tiny droplets past the skin barrier. While Shields opts for the brand’s collagen supplement, there is also an array of other capsules like glycolic acid, growth factors, and retinol to treat various other concerns. 


Have you ever considered how much product you’re wasting by merely applying ingredients to the skin’s surface? The Droplette addresses this issue by aiding ingredients like collagen and retinol penetrate the skin at a molecular level.

Best Tool for Acne

Solawave’s Bye Acne device uses LED light therapy to treat acne. Here, red light targets hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and redness, while blue light eradicates acne-causing bacteria by helping reduce sebum production. In a three-minute treatment, this promises to combat stubborn blemishes and accelerate the healing process. 


Bye Acne: 3 Minute Light Therapy Spot Treatment

Sure, you could wait around with your star-shaped pimple patch, hoping for your zits to vanish, or you could use Bye Acne, a light therapy spot treatment from Solawave that utilizes red and blue light therapy to address acne in just three short minutes.

Best Tools for Pore Retexturizing

Should your 2023 resolutions include a “no pore left behind” mantra, consider these two helpful tools. Dermaflash’s two-in-one sonic extractor features a sort of stainless steel spatula to help you achieve your skin goals. Its Extract mode pulls out pesky blackheads, dirt, and oil gently, while Infuse mode helps push serum into the skin. BeautyBio’s GloPRO, a cultish microneedling tool, promotes wound healing to stimulate cellular turnover and collagen production. According to the brand, after gliding its micro-needles over skin for just 60 seconds a day, one can expect a plumper, more radiant complexion.


GloPRO Microneedling Rejuvenation Tool

Although this microneedling tool may appear intimidating, it’s actually painless! This is great news because using it three times a week can enhance skincare absorption and contribute to a tighter and smoother skin appearance.


Dermapore Deep Cleaning Device

If you’re short on time for in-person facials, this two-in-one ultrasonic device enables you to safely unclog your pores at home. When used in conjunction with your favorite active ingredients, you’ll notice your skin-care products penetrating more effectively.

Best Tools for Inflammation

Fight redness, reduce inflammation, and take down puffiness with an ice therapy session. There’s Sundree’s Cooling Facial Globe or Angela Caglia’s Gold Cryo wands—both designed to be kept in the freezer before use for the ultimate jolt of blood-circulating cold, which results in a firm, glowing complexion. Pro tip: perform a cooling face massage in the AM to alleviate morning puffiness and fluid buildup.


Just because these cooling facial globes are affordable doesn’t mean they skimp on quality. Each globe is hand-blown with high-quality glass and filled with biodegradable gel, allowing you to roll away any redness and inflammation in style.

Angela Caglia

Seeking to add a touch of indulgence to your daily routine? Nothing feels better than using freezing cold 18K gold-plated wands on your face, neck, and décolleté each morning.

Best Tools for Tense Muscles

Classic face rollers, such as Susanne Kaufmann’s roller, have long been known to help boost circulation, relax muscle tension, and promote a radiant glow. Not to mention, the obsidian tool features a handle carved from fine nut wood, which is as chic as it is effective. For a more hi-tech approach to alleviating tension, add TheraBody’s TheraFace Pro to cart. The handy gadget pairs eight skin-care treatments into one—from gentle percussive massage to LED light, hot and cold sessions, and cleansing. Its versatility makes it great to unwind after a stressful day or prep skin for glam—even celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles professes her love for it.

Susanne Kaufmann

This isn’t your average face roller, as expected with its high price tag. It was designed by Susanne Kaufmann’s architect brother, Oskar Leo, and is made of hand-cut black obsidian stone, historically thought to alleviate muscle inflammation and strengthen connective tissues.


Pro Microcurrent Facial Device

For those who have been tempted to Theragun their face, there’s finally a device for you. The TheraFace works similarly, massaging and stimulating facial muscles to firm the skin and boost collagen production. But it doesn’t stop at just massaging; it offers eight different treatments and various heads, allowing you to customize your experience.

Best Tools for Puffiness

Puffy under-eyes are no match for the gua sha, like Kora Organics’s heart-shaped tool or Mount Lai’s stone. Translated directly as “scraping,” the traditional Chinese tool can increase blood flow, drain the lymphatic system, and tone complexions when moved over the skin in quick motions—though the daily practice has visual and meditative benefits, making it an excellent addition to any self-care regimen. 

Kora Organics

Rose Quartz Heart Facial Gua Sha

Before shopping for any gua sha stone, make sure you know the type of stone you’re purchasing — they’re powerful, after all. This heart-shaped one from Kora Organics is made of 100% Rose Quartz, a stone known for its self-love and acceptance properties.

Mount Lai

Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

This gua sha tool offers four different stone options: jade, rose quartz, black obsidian, and amethyst. You can select the stone that suits your needs the most or even purchase all of them, allowing you to switch based on your mood.

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